Police Seized Illegal Weapons in Oil Truck in Amhara Region

Police recovered illegal weapons transporting to Ethiopia in an oil tanker truck that fell of over in Gendawuha town of Amhara regional states.

Media reports show that police have seized about 98 AK 47 and 294 Turkey made handgun transported from Sudan through the borders with Amhara regional state.

The local authorities in the town reportedly discovered the tanker of the truck was loaded with illegal arms, when it was trying to avoid to hit a goat, according to reports from AMMA.

After all that happens, the driver remains in custody, according to police.

Police in the town is working with the community to control the illegal circulation of firearms, but security authorities are not authorized to search oil tankers which are facilitating smuggling in arms, said Aragaw Azanaw, area police officer.

Authorities have also called for collaboration from the public to stop the trade and movement of illegal weapons that have become rampant in Ethiopia.

In recent times transfer of illegal weapons have increasingly reported in different part of the country.

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