Tigray Region University Students Held a Demonstration in Mekele

The students who attended the demonstration which is organized by the ‘Baladera’ Civil Society asked to be assigned to a local university in their region.

The students say that we shouldn’t go to attend school in other Universities outside of Tigray regional state, in the presence of ethnic-based attack and insecurity.

Therefore, they have called for the government to be assigned to universities in their respective localities.

Students who gathered in Romanat Square demanded that the government understand their concerns and respond appropriately.

And the civil society that coordinates the demonstration called the Ministry of Education to assign students in their localities and respect their right to get an education.

There are more than 44 universities in Ethiopia, where students are assigned from various part of the country to attend school.

A week ago most of the higher education institutions have announced their registration schedule for their students.

In recent years, ethnic-based attack and violence were registered in different higher education centers in the country.

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